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Superconductivity and its applications

This course provides students with an approach to the fundamental understanding of the physical properties required for the practical implementation of superconducting materials. It includes

  • an introduction to electrodynamics of superconductors
  • a theoretical description of the interactions in the vortex line system, focused on pinning phenomena, critical state and thermal effects on vortex dynamics
  • an overview of the superconducting materials, addressing also the superconducting wires and cables
  • a final part describing the basic design and operation issues of superconducting device technology

Lecture 1 Introduction, Phenomenology, Thermodynamics and London equations

Lecture 2  The Ginzburg-Landau Theory, Domain-wall energy, Flux quantization

Lecture 3  Upper critical field, Lower critical field and Abrikosov vortex lattice

Lecture 4  Vortex motion, Vortex pinning, Critical State and Flux creep

Lecture 5  Thermal instabilities, Filament coupling, Materials: Intro, NbTi and Nb3Sn

Lecture 6  Nb3Sn and Nb3Al wire technology

Lecture 7  MgB2, Introduction to HTS

Lecture 8  Intro to HTS (2), Bi2223, Bi2212 and YBCO

Lecture 9  YBCO (2), Intro to magnet design: Solenoids

Lecture 10  Intro to magnet design: Multipoles and toroids, Magnetic stresses, Effects of stress on a superconducting wire

Lecture 11  Effects of stress on a superconducting wire (2), Stability, Propagation of the normal zone, Quench detection and protection


General Physics for Medical Students (Physique Générale A )

This course presents an introduction to the fundamental laws of physics through the major areas of classical physics and some aspects of modern physics. It emphasize the evolution of the physical understanding with an inductive process based on an experimental approach. The topics covered in the course are

  • electricity and magnetism
  • electric circuits
  • electromagnetic waves
  • geometrical optics
  • an introduction to quantum mechanics
  • an introduction to nuclear and particle physics