ASC2020: The Applied Superconductivity Conference goes virtual

ASC2020: The Applied Superconductivity Conference goes virtual

The Applied Superconductivity Conference (ASC), originally planned for July 2020 in Tampa, FL, is taking place from October 24 to November 7, 2020 as a virtual meeting because of the COVID pandemic. The original program of the conference was maintained offering a combined virtual platform for plenary, oral, and poster presentations to more than 1’700 attendees from all over the world (ASC2020 website).

The abstracts of the Group of Applied Superconductivity were all selected for oral presentations: five contributed talks and one invited talk, here listed

  • X-ray tomography analysis of voids’ distribution and morphology in high-performance RRP Nb3Sn wires for the next generation accelerator magnets, Presenting author: Tommaso BAGNI, UNIGE, contributed oral;
  • In-field thermal properties and critical current surface of Ba1-xKxFe2As2 practical conductors, Presenting author: Marco BONURA, UNIGE, contributed oral;
  • Superconducting properties and oxygen diffusion in Ta-doped Nb3Sn wires with internally oxidized ZrO2, Presenting author: Florin BUTA, UNIGE, contributed oral;
  • Effects of the initial axial strain state on the response to transverse stress of high-performance RRP Nb3Sn wires, Presenting author: José FERRADAS, CERN and UNIGE, contributed oral;
  • Record high BC2 in C-doped MgB2 prepared by inductive synthesis: a microscopic insight, Presenting author: Davide MATERA, UNIGE, invited oral;
  • Advances in REBCO tapes performance for future applications in accelerator and fusion magnets, Presenting author: Carmine SENATORE, UNIGE, contributed oral.

The results of the group were disseminated also in many other presentations of the institutes and laboratories around the world that collaborate with us.

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